Frequently asked Questions.

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1. Do I need to Book?

Yes you must book to avoid disappointment
(email idiveinndyer@gmail.com   tel. +27 083 313 0506

2. How deep does the cage go?

The steel cage is about 2 meters deep and floats on the surface ,the opening is on top. Divers are never more than 1meter deep and can come out when ever they want.

3. Do we go far out to sea ?

No. Dyer Island is 10km. from Kleinbaai harbor and we anchor not more than 1km. from the island or from the beach.

4. What sharks do we see?

We only see great White Sharks from the cage and boat.

5. Do the sharks attack the cage sometimes?

No but they come close to the cage


6. What bait do they use for the sharks?

They only use fishy products (normal food for sharks)

7. Do I need a diving certificate?

No you don’t have to be an experience diver or need a certificate

8. What else can we see on the trip?

In season whales and occasionally dolphins are sighted as well as
sea birds and penguins around Dyer Island.

9. Must I go in the cage to see sharks?

No topside viewing is exciting and good for taking photos.

10. What must I bring along?

Al you need is a costume, sun block, sun glasses, cap and windbreaker.

11. What does the price includes?

Breakfast before going to sea, all diving gear, drinks, snacks, water and a light lunch